XL 4 Simulation
XL4Sim is a collection of custom Excel® Add-ins of custom functions, worksheet
macros, and COM Add-ins. These simple to use but comprehensive
spreadsheet Add-ins cover a broad range of engineering disciplines including
area properties, statics, dynamics, vibration, shock, buckling, thermal, flow and
heat transfer.  

These Add-ins include specific capabilities for analyzing beams and 2D frames
statically and dynamically, linear and nonlinear buckling, finned heat sinks, area
properties of complex shapes and many others.

They have been developed in support of the engineering services offered by
Eriez Technologies and have been through the rigors of that use.


  • The Add-ins are compatible with Excel® versions from 9  to 14 in Office
    versions 2000 to 2013 with Office 2010 and 2013 in both 32 and 64 bit.

  • The full capabilities of Excel® are maintained and enhanced by these

  • All MS Excel® macros and Add-ins have 3rd party code signing
    certification for trusted source authentication.

  • A fast and accurate method for engineering simulations.

  • Simulations can be setup and run within minutes.

  • The full functionality of the spreadsheet software remains and can be
    used to further broaden the module capabilities including charting, cell
    calculations, built-in functions and so on.

  • Each set of results can be saved in the  worksheet with unlimited
    scenarios and used for future use or documentation.

  • Additional worksheets can be easily copied into the same Workbook or a
    new Workbook for other simulations.

  • The various spreadsheet modules can be combined and/or
    interconnected for  enhanced capabilities.

  • The modules can be used for preliminary assessment before more time
    is spent on the more general simulation tools like finite element,
    computational fluid dynamics and other software.

  • They can be used to check the results of the more general simulations.

  • Develop information needed for the more general simulation tools.

  • Each module and  user function has free accessible and downloadable
    documentation for the use, theory and validation.
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