XL 4 Simulation
Engineering simulations
using MS Excel®

Quickly analyze concepts and designs on your desktop, tablet
or even phone without the need for advanced FEA or CFD
software.  All you need is Excel® in version 2000 or later.
Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.  
Quickly build and analyze 2D frames for static
and dynamic loads.  Calculate deflections,
stresses, moments, shear and axial loads for
static, frequency and transient responses.  
Natural frequencies can also be calculated.
Determine linear and nonlinear buckling
loads for complex constrained axial
members including lateral and
rotational  springs.
Analyze beams for static and dynamic loads.  
Calculate deflections, stresses, moments
and shear loads for static, frequency and
dynamic responses from sinusoidal or
transient excitations.  Natural frequencies can
also be calculated.
Calculate heat sink temperatures for multiple
heat sources for forced or natural convection.  
Steady-state and transient options are both
Find copper conductor and insulation
temperatures for natural or forced convection.  
Nonlinear solution accounts for Cu resistivity
and air properties dependence on
Determine cross sectional area,
and other area properties of an
area defined by an array of
Find thermal conductivity, kinematic
viscosity, Prandtl number, specific
heat and viscosity for air, water, water
ethylene glycol mixes and propylene
glycol mixes at a given temperature.
Determine pressure drop for
various fluids in an equivalent
diameter tube with given fluid
temperature and tube surface
Find maximum, minimum principal,
maximum shear and von Mises
stresses from a general stress state.
Find various steady and random
vibration responses and
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